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Zumba is a fun dance format that is for anyone.  It doesn't matter if you are a beginner just starting out, or someone who has a dance or fitness background.  As long as you are moving and enjoying the music, you can enjoy and benefit from participating in Zumba.  There are individuals of all ages from 12-80 who participate in Zumba from around the world.  One of the phrase that we love about Zumba is "Leave your inhibitions at the door and come join the party.  Everyone is welcome."  Even if you have had a difficult day, after participating in Zumba even for 30 minutes, taking that time to do something that you enjoy, can make your outlook just a little bit better.  Zumba can start to be a healthy addiction.  Once you start, you have so much fun that you want to keep coming back and trying different dance formats.

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