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How do I make an account for my children if they do not have their own email?

If your kiddos don't have emails, we suggest you get a gmail (google) account for yourself.  For each child, make their account with your email plus one @gmail as their account email.  (this will route all their emails and their verification email to you.  For example if you are, sign your first child up as, second child as and so on.

Why does the app want my birthdate and address?

We promise not to sell your information or use it for any other purpose other than to maybe send you some snail mail and wish you a happy birthday!

Do I need to add a profile picture?

Adding a picture of some sort is very helpful.  It makes it easy to tell at a glance which profile you are on, and ensures that the correct family member is registered for each class.  It doesn't have to be an actual picture of the person, any picture to represent the individual is helpful.

What is the policy regarding weather related closures?

NCADA Studio will close for weather when it is determined by our administrative staff that instructor or client safety is an issue.  We typically cancel classes when WCSD 6 cancels or roads are not drivable for our staff that may not necessarily live in Greeley.  We do not have studio time or staff availability to provide make-ups for such closures.  We appreciate patience with class cancellations that are beyond our control.

What is the policy regarding freezing or cancelling a membership

You can cancel your membership permanently at any time or freeze your membership for 3 weeks or more by sending an email to  Sorry, we do not freeze memberships for two or fewer absences.  For performing classes, we do not freeze memberhips for absences during the January-May recital period.

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