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Welcome to NCADA Studio

NCADA Studio is Northern Colorado’s top Ballet School but also provides other dance genres such as Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary movement, and Acro Dance. Having such an incredible foundation of Ballet allows our students to excel in all forms of classical dance, with top notch technique and stunning choreography.



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1. Head to your app store
2. Search "NCADA Studio"
3. Install the app
4.  Make your account (see help slides below)
5. Make accounts for your family members. (they each need a unique email, mamas of little ones, see the help hint below)


You've got the app, now what?

See the link below for a step by step guide to making an account.

Mamas of little ones, each dancer needs their own account with a unique email.  If your kiddos don't have emails, we suggest you get a gmail (google) account for yourself.  For each child, make their account with your email plus one @gmail as their account email.  (this will route all their emails and their verification email to you.  For example if you are mama@gmail.com, sign your first child up as mama+1@gmail.com, second child as mama+2@gmail.com and so on.


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Our unique and elegant facility can easily accommodate over 80 people.


Graduation Parties

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Birthday Parties

NCADA Flyers for Julie Project - Page 01

Holiday Parties 


NCADA Studio Partners

We proudly partner with these local businesses.  If you are in the market for their goods or services, we highly recommend them.

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We are always looking for great business partners.  Increase your brand exposure with our community.