Who Was Enrico Cecchetti?

The Cecchetti method of ballet is based on techniques developed by Italian ballet master Enrico Cecchetti, who was influenced by the principles of Carlo Blasis.

Blasis was a 19th-century traditional French ballet dancer and theoretician, famous for creating the first published codified technique of ballet. Cecchetti is inspired by these rigorous, strict techniques and theories.

Cecchetti studied many different styles of ballet, too, and he plucked his favorite elements of each different one to fuse into his own system. He firmly believed that it was more important to execute an exercise correctly one time than to do it over and over carelessly. He guided his students by encouraging quality over quantity.

Cecchetti envisioned ballet to be a strict, clear-cut, pure style of movement with a definite emphasis on body line.

from What is the Cecchetti Method by Treva Bedinghaus, February 2015

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