NCADA Studio: The Cecchetti Method

Northern Colorado Academy of Dance Arts Studio is a Classical dance studio specializing in ballet. Our classical ballet style is called Ceccheti. It is a discipline in beauty and poise with full body awareness.

The #Cecchetti method is a ballet technique devised by the Italian ballet master #EnricoCecchetti (1850–1928). The method seeks to develop the essential skills of #dance (e.g., balance, poise, strength, elevation, flexibility, and artistry) in ballet students.

What is Cecchetti Ballet?

The Cecchetti method is one of the main training techniques of classical ballet. This method is a strict program that enforces planned routines, carefully considering the laws of anatomy. It ensures that every part of the body is worked evenly.

Characteristics of Cecchetti

More than other types of classical ballet, the Cecchetti method teaches the flowing of arms between the various positions.

Cecchetti students are taught to think about the movements of their appendages, such as legs and head, as one unit in relation to their full body.

The rigorous technique also focuses on quick feet, crisp lines and seamless transitions between positions.

The Cecchetti method also advocates natural turnout, based on a natural range of motion, rather than teaching dancers to force the turnout of their feet.

Anna Pavlova is one of the many famous ballerinas who was influenced by the method.

More information about the Cecchetti method can be found here:

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